Fl. Gator squares
Fl. Gator squares
Fl. Gator squares
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Fl. Gator squares

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Reusable & Washable bowl covers are the alternatives to disposable plastic wrap and aluminum foil.



9x13(standard casserole dish)

Large(can fit up to large salad bowls/mixing bowls 16”-11”)

Medium(can fit cereal bowls up to kitchen aid mixing bowl 8”- 6”)


Advantages of a cloth cover:

- reusable (you can use an cover several years because it can be washable)

- eco-friendly (the cover from 100% of cotton and Olyfun, and completely decays in the earth)

- safety (food "breathes" under such cover)

- convenience (you could take some bowel covers on a picnic, potlucks, holiday dinners!)

- style (covers can perfectly approach under your interior of kitchen)

- 100% handmade

These bowl covers are made of two layers:

Outer layer is made from that stylish cotton, and the inside is lined with olyfun to keep everything fresh and easily cleanable!


You can easily throw in the washing machine or wash right in your kitchen sink!

Do NOT use fabric softener with bowl covers ( they trap the smell)

Dryer friendly. Do not Iron, it could melt the olyfun!