We are sure that you will enjoy having handmade soap in your retail establishment.  Handmade soap feels so comforting to the skin and the artisan look and specialty scents are enticing to your customers.  The beautiful colors and  scents pull them right over to your display and they are captivated.  They have to try some!  Once they try it, they will never go back to mass-produced soaps again.  You are assured of repeat business!

MPS wholesale soap is sold by the slice and also by the soap log.  Labels will be sent with your order! Your wholesale soap is custom made, fresh, when you order it.  Since I am a small home-based internet business, I am not able to stockpile soap and I really wouldn't want to anyway.  And that is a great thing!  Because you will be guaranteed to receive a fresh soap that smells divine!  Fresh handmade soap needs curing (drying) time.  The longer it sits and dries the harder and better its quality.  It lasts longer in the shower and won’t melt away so quickly.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your wholesale order to be made, cured and sent to your door.  Upon receiving your order, please display and/or store your soap in a cool dry area.  Bright sunlight and heat are hard on handmade soap.  They can cause faded colors or sweating or rancidity, as part of the beauty of our soap is that it does not contain chemicals to harden it or preserve it endlessly in all conditions.  When you are slicing soap from logs please advise customers to set freshly cut bars on their edge to allow them to air dry for one week before wrapping them or using them.

I encourage you to have fun with your soap display!  The ideas for displaying our soaps are only limited by your imagination.  Ask your friends for some ideas too!  We have found that many people love to have a fresh slice of soap that is cut before their eyes.  The scent of the freshly cut bar is optimal and the colors inside the bar are newly bright because they haven’t seen the light of day!  This makes buying soap an experience to relish.  You can put your soap logs on a beautiful cutting board along with cutters.  Or display pre-sliced soaps in any type of old-fashioned or antique bathing or laundry related container, such as an old wash basin or sink.  There are many beautiful types of baskets and shelving units available also.

We would love to take your wholesale order! 

Here are our general wholesale terms and conditions:  Sales are payable up front.  We accept PayPal as well as all major Credit Cards.  We do not drop-ship or accept COD’s.

Due to the handmade nature of our product, we do not accept returns or issue credits or refunds.  It will take a little time to decide what soaps sell the best in your area and which ones, if any, are slow movers.  If you have a soap that sells slowly,  please mark it at a clearance price to make way for better sellers.

To order wholesale please e-mail me at bubblingdragon@gmail.com

To take advantage of wholesale pricing we will need to ask you for a copy of your resale permit or business license for our files.

WHOLESALE SOAP SELECTIONS:  Wholesale soap is available in bars or logs.  Logs are approximately 43 ounces and are equal to 10 bars of sliced soap.  If a certain soap sells well for you, please know that it will always smell the same but might not look exactly the same as the last time you ordered it, and that is the beauty of soap art.