At Mountain Peak each small batch of soap that is made is as unique as a piece of artwork.  Soap is a very creative medium for an artist.  In art you can purchase only one original.  No one else can own it, and it won't ever be duplicated.  The same can be said for our handmade soaps.  It takes as much time to design the look of each batch of soap and to make careful notes as it does to make it. Our soap is hand-stirred in a small soap pot and then poured into a small block mold that yields several unique pieces of soap at once.  No two bars in any one batch look the same.  Every batch, and every bar in it, is a limited edition piece of soap art.  So once a batch is gone, it can't be duplicated.  You might visit the Mountain Peak website and find the same scent again, but it will look a little different each time, and in some cases it will look a lot different!  You can buy knowing that when you open up your box, you are getting a unique experience.  Thank you for choosing Mountain Peak Soaps and Such! 


About Amelia

I started making soap as a hobby in 2016 and became vegan in 2015. Being vegan made me aware of how gross box brand soap can be, so i set out with a goal to make eco friendly, vegan soap! 
     I was raised in a small town in Florida called Dunnellon. My first working station was my parents dining room table, and from there we have grown!
  Soap making was peaceful to me, and I love to create each individual design and to have unique scents, I knew it was for me. 
 I spend most of my free time with my little one and dogs and exploring!


It's true, a Google search will tell you that there are over 4,060,000 websites selling handmade soap. Many of these have sprouted with the beginning of the 'Green Revolution' and are relatively new soapmakers. We (actually, it's an army of one - me) here at BDS are experienced. First and foremost, I have designed a gentle recipe thats vegan and cruelty free that has been refined over the years to yield a beautiful lather that is easy on the skin.  You can use this soap head to toe.  I never make any promises but I have several customers with troubled skin and they won't use anything else.  And secondly, I am an artist and I have found soap to be a very creative and satisfying medium that I never grow tired of working with.  The possibilities are endless.  If you would enjoy a soap that is easy on the skin and beautiful to look at, then Mountain Peak Soaps is for you!